Week 20 Weekend Football Pool Discussion : Post Other Games, Discuss and Interact

week 21 pool discussion
week 21 pool discussion
Week 20 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion room…..Here, you can post any comment and it’ll be approved provided you didn’t abuse anyone. It is important the banker room remains as sanitized as possible.

Thus, we move discussions to this page.   Even if there’s something you want to ask someone concerning his post in the banker room, simply do it here and I believe you’ll receive his/her reply.

Feel free and interact with people; make friends and not fiends. God bless our hustles.

You’re in the Week 21 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion room…

Talk And Don’t Abuse…. Please


Scammers are on rampage in this blog. Anyone that post an advert (especially those ones that sneak into banker or discussion room to post indirect advert). If you contact him and he demands for payment, tell the person that you will deposit into the admins bank account..  Admin will pay him if his game works, else admin will refund you. If the person refuse, run. I said.. Run!!!

I won‘t respond to any text or comment from anyone complaining of how he was scammed here.

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